Metacognition of Concepts

New paper: Concept Appraisal

New paper: Concept Appraisal

I’m very pleased to report that the Project’s interdisciplinary experimental work has now been published in Cognitive Science:

Sapphira R. Thorne, Jake Quilty-Dunn, Joulia Smortchkova, Nicholas Shea*, & James A. Hampton (2021), ‘Concept Appraisal’, Cognitive Science, 45, e12978. [open access pdf] [link]

In short, we find that people do reflect on or appraise concepts in various ways. We found that these appraisals are systematically related to well-studied aspects of conceptual structure: hierarchical organisation and category-based induction.

Several forms of appraisal appeared to be underpinning by a single factor, a ‘sense of understanding’, tracking how well (or badly) the user thinks they themselves understand different concepts.

Many thanks for James, Joulia, Jake and especially Sapphira for all their hard work on these experiments.